Arthur M. Shipley Award for Best Scientific Paper

Dr. Arthur M. Shipley, 1878-1955, is regarded as one of the outstanding teachers of surgery of his time. He was elected to membership in the SSA in 1927. In response to a donation by one of his residents, the council established the Shipley Award to honor the best scientific paper presentation by a new member. Each year since 1957 the SSA has awarded this gold medal to a presenter in their first two years of membership. The Shipley Award has become one of the major highlights of the annual meeting and known as a distinction of astute surgical scholarship.

View past winners of the Shipley Award —grouped by decade.

Shipley Award Winner

Ronda S. Henry-Tillman of Little Rock, AR receives the 2014 Shipley Award.

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Year Name City State
2018 Louis J. Magnotti Memphis TN
2017 Emad Kandil New Orleans LA
2016 Waddah B. Al-Refaie Washington DC
2015 Mary E. Klingensmith St. Louis MO
2014 Ronda S. Henry-Tillman Little Rock AR
2013 Keith A. Delman Atlanta GA
2012 Curtis P. Artz Birmingham AL
2011 William B. Inabnet, III New York NY
2010 Nancy D. Perrier Houston TX

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Year Name City State
2009 Taylor S. Riall Galveston TX
2008 Ronald H. Clements Birmingham AL
2007 Steve Eubanks Columbia MO
2006 Devin E. Eckhoff Birmingham AL
2005 Tien C. Ko Galveston TX
2004 Dai H. Chung Galveston TX
2003 Charles D. Fraser, Jr. Houston TX
2002 Yuman Fong New York NY
2001 Benjamin D.L. Li Shreveport LA
2000 F. Charles Brunicardi Houston TX

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Year Name City State
1999 Douglas S. Reintgen Tampa FL
1998 Keith E. Georgeson Birmingham AL
1997 John H. Pemberton Rochester MN
1996 William G. Cheadle Louisville KY
1995 B. Mark Evers Galveston TX
1994 Jeffrey A. Norton Clayton MO
1993 Bruce G. Wolff Rochester MN
1992 Achilles Demetriou Los Angeles CA
1991 John B. Hanks Charlottesville VA
1990 Larry H. Hollier New Orleans LA

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Year Name City State
1989 Irving L. Kron Charlottesville VA
1988 Henry A. Pitt Baltimore MD
1987 David V. Feliciano Houston TX
1986 Gregory B. Bulkley Baltimore MD
1985 Robert E. Condon Milwaukee WI
1984 Robert C. Batson New Orleans LA
1983 Walter G. Wolfe Durham NC
1982 Robert H. Jones Durham NC
1981 J. David Richardson Louisville KY
1980 Richard E. Clark St. Louis MO

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Year Name City State
1979 Robert K. Brawley Baltimore MD
1978 Wallace P. Ritchie, Jr. Charlottesville VA
1977 Jonathan A. van Heerden Rochester MA
1976 M. J. Jurkiewicz Atlanta GA
1975 James C. Thompson Galveston TX
1974 George A. Higgins Jr. Washington DC
1973 George A. Hallenbeck Birmingham AL
1972 K. Alvin Merendino Seattle WA
1971 John C. McDonald New Orleans LA
1970 Edward R. Woodward Gainesville FL

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Year Name City State
1969 Norman C. Nelson New Orleans LA
1968 John W. Kirklin Birmingham AL
1967 Carl W. Hughes Washington DC
1966 Lloyd M. Nyhus Chicago IL
1965 G. Rainey Williams Oklahoma City OK
1964 Frank C. Spencer Lexington KY
1963 Ben Eiseman Lexington KY
1962 Edward T. Krementz New Orleans LA
1961 Osler A. Abbott Atlanta GA
1960 Watts R. Webb Jackson MS

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Year Name City State
1959 William W. Shingleton Durham NC
1958 Curtis P.. Artz Jackson MS
1957 Felda Hightower Winston-Salem NC

Claude Organ, M.D.

Claude Organ, M.D.—Courtesy The Organ Family

Claude Organ, M.D. Lectureship

Applications for the 2022 Claude Organ Lectureship are currently being accepted. Please email your letter (application) with a brief background of your proposed topic, in a Word document to Kate Peach at for consideration.

The application deadline is by the end of June 30, 2021 at midnight EST.

2020 Lecturer "Levi Watkins Jr.’s Legacy: Surgeon, Mentor, Advocate" —Dr. John Tarpley
Hosted by: Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Department of Surgery

2019 Lecturer "A Non-Linear Career in Surgery" —Dr. Haile Debas
Hosted by: Weill Cornell Medical Center, Department of Surgery

2018 Lecturer "Leadership for Surgeons: A Mosaic" —Dr. Patricia Turner
Hosted by: Duke University Medical Center

2017 Lecturer "Signatures: What Can Sensors and Motion Tracking Tell Us About Surgical Performance?" —Dr. Carla M. Pugh
Hosted by: Medical University of South Carolina, Department of Surgery, Charleston, SC

2016 Lecturer —Dr. Selwyn Vickers
Hosted by: Duke University Department of Surgery (Dr. Bradley Collins)

2015 Lecturer —Dr. Steven Stain
Hosted by: Washington University (Dr. William Chapman)

2013 Inaugural Lecturer "American Surgery and Healthcare Reform: Lingering Challenges" —Dr. L. D. Britt

SSA Scholarship in History of Surgery

The Southern Surgical Association has approved an annual scholarship to support a member in the pursuit of a subject in the history of surgery. The subject may relate to an individual, a place, an event or the development of scientific information leading to a mechanical device.

The member who is awarded the scholarship should present the paper and submit a manuscript (at the time of presentation) for publication in the Transactions of the Southern Surgical Association. The manuscript should acknowledge the source of financial support for the study by including this credit line:
"Funding for this study was provided by the Joseph M. Donald Endowment for the Archival Collection of the Southern Surgical Association." The funds will be awarded to the member at the time of the presentation.

The period of study can be carried out at the library or institution of the scholar’s choosing.

Members who are interested should submit a scholarship application which includes a brief description of the subject of historical interest and why the subject will be of interest to the members of the Southern Surgical Association.

Applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee.

By the end of June 30, 2021 at midnight EST is the deadline for applications. The HOM scholarship application selected will be presented at the SSA 2022 Annual Meeting.

Joseph M. McDonald History of Surgery Lectures —grouped by decade.
Bronze plaque commemorating the SSA centenial in 1987

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Year Title Lecturer
2019 Jamestown Virginia 1607- The First Southern Surgeons and the First Health Care Crisis R. Scott Jones
2018 Southern Leader and Impactful National Figure: Judge Frank Minus Johnson, Jr. Selwyn M. Vickers
2017 The Founding Fathers Versus Jerome Cochran: Organization and Development of the Southern Surgical and Gynecological Association in Birmingham Kirby Bland
2016 Oliver Wendell Holmes: Physician, Writer, Poet, Teacher, Lecturer and Much More. H. Biemann Othersen, Jr.
2015 From Whipple to Warren (to the Present) – The Role of the SSA Membership In the Evolution of the Surgical Management of Portal Hypertension David M. Levi
2014 We’ve Heard of the Award – But Who Knows About Dr. Shipley? Nancy D. Perrier
2013 The President's Been Shot and They Are Bringing Him to the Emergency Room Ronald C. Jones
2013 T. Wright, M.D. F.A.C.S.: Academic Surgeon, Civil Right Pioneer Don K. Nakayama
2012 Nosokomia to Sacred Infirmary: Legacy of the Knights Hospitaller and Chimbarazo Hospital in the Evolution of Hospitals from Medieval to Modern Charles E. Bagwell
2011 Hunter Holmes McGuire: Much More than Stonewall Jackson's Surgeon Carl E. Haisch
2010 Fred W. Rankin, M.D.: A Man of Medicine during a Time of War and Change Joseph B. Zwischenberger

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Year Title Lecturer
2009 Dr. Samuel Gross: "Establishing the Principles of Civilian and Military Injury Care" Lewis Flint
Neal Garrison
2008 Dr. Robert Zeppa: A Southern Transplant Who Survived Do the Right Thing Lawrence Rottenberg
Alan S. Livingstone
Leonidias Koniaris
Seymour I. Schwartz
George C. Irvin, III
Duane G. Hutson
2007 Dr. Mary Edwards Walker: A surgeon Ahead of Her Time Robert M. Beazley
2006 Julian K. Quattlebaum, M.D.: The American Hero of Hepatic Surgery Thomas F. Dodson
2005 Charles R. Drew, M.D., Sc,: A Surgical Pioneer Edward C. Cornwell, III
2004 Respectful Image - Revenge of the Barber Surgeon Charles E. Bagwell
2003 Jacob the Other Dr. Flexner Ward O. Griffen, Jr.
2003 Qualities of Ephraim McDowell H. Biemann Othersen, Jr.
2002 Champ Lyons: A Life Unfilled Martin L. Dalton, Jr.