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Claude Organ, M.D. Lectureship

Claude Organ, M.D.

Claude Organ, M.D.—Courtesy The Organ Family

2013 Inaugural Lecturer "American Surgery and Healthcare Reform: Lingering Challenges" —Dr. L. D. Britt

2015 Lecturer —Dr. Steven Stain
Hosted by: Washington University (Dr. William Chapman)

2016 Lecturer —Dr. Selwyn Vickers
Hosted by: Duke University Department of Surgery (Dr. Bradley Collins)

2017 Lecturer "Signatures: What Can Sensors and Motion Tracking Tell Us About Surgical Performance?"" —Dr. Carla M. Pugh
Hosted by: Medical University of South Carolina, Department of Surgery, Charleston, SC

We are now accepting applications for the 2018 Claude Organ, M.D., Lectureship.


The Claude Organ, M.D., Lectureship is sponsored by the Claude Organ Special Collection Fund, which is supported by the SSA and SBAS in order to celebrate contributions to the field of medicine made by African Americans. The lectureship is available to all academic institutions in the United States, although the focus is on those institutions with members in the SSA and/or SBAS. The lectureship may be held at any time during 2018.


Deadline for Applications is August 1, 2017.


Applications for the lectureship should be submitted by sending an email or letter that includes the name of the proposed lecturer, subject of the lectureship, as well as the name, institution and contact information for the proposed host. A committee (comprised of members from both the SSA and SBAS) will evaluate applications and award the lectureship on a competitive basis. Send applications to the office of Kelly M. McMasters, MD, PhD, Secretary, Southern Surgical Association at or


The lectureship will include a $2000 honorarium for the lecturer; the remaining costs of the lectureship will be provided by the host institution.